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Our Association

CropLife Africa Middle East represents The "Plant Science Industry" in the countries of Africa and Middle East. The "Plant Science Industry" includes manufacturers and distributors of crop protection products (pesticides) seeds and biotechnology products.

As at January 2018, the association consisted of:

In order to achieve the highest impact at country and sub regional level, a decentralized hub structure has been established with regional offices in:
  • Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Casablanca, Morocco

It is our association's mission and objective to motivate and engage as many stakeholders and partners as possible to help us to promote and develop state of the art technologies where they are needed most - namely in Africa.

Often our members in the national associations are small family owned distribution companies - in a few cases they have invested in the formulation and repackaging of pesticides for local or sub regional sales. It is the ambition of our regional association to convince and motivate all these local members to observe and implement the same international standards and apply all stewardship measures and activities as defined by the “FAO Code of Conduct” to which all members of the CropLife network are committed.