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CropLife Africa Middle East A.I.S.B.L

CropLife Africa Middle East A.I.S.B.L. is a not-for-profit industry organization representing the leading global manufacturers of pesticides, seeds and biotechnology products in Africa and the Middle East. The regional association was registered in Brussels in November 2002 and represents today 22 national associations across its region.


The association is legally fully independent but maintains a strong link with the global CropLife network (www.croplife.org).

Together with the national associations, CropLife Africa Middle East is the voice and advocate for the Plant Science Industry contributing to sustainable, innovative and science-based crop protection solutions to keep crops healthy and contribute to providing safe, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food supply.

We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices and to the responsible use of plant science technologies in the region. We promote the understanding of the benefits of modern plant science solutions and champion the use of innovation and technology for a more sustainable model of agriculture. We are convinced that these products and solutions developed and distributed by our member companies are indispensable in the management of pests, diseases and weeds.

We believe that the professional and responsible use of these products improves the incomes and livelihoods of farmers and their families and has the potential to contribute decisively to the growth of rural and national economies.

Our team

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Samira Amellal

Director General/CEO

Evelyn Lusenaka

Director Stewardship Africa Middle East

Stella Simiyu Wafukho

Director Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Relations

Margaux Rundstadler

Director Public Affairs & Communications

Abdelmoneim Bakr

Regional Director North Africa and Middle East

Our members

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CropLife Africa Middle East members are industry leaders committed to safety, stewardship and quality. Our members demonstrate this commitment with their support of the International Code of Conduct for the Distribution and Use of Pesticides.

Board of directors

Jerome Barbaron

President CropLife Africa Middle East, Syngenta

Marcel Dreyer

Vice President and Chair of ESA region, UPL

Vincent Gall

Director, Certis Belchim

Roumila Oularbi

ISK, Director

Georges Kassis

Vice President and Chair of MENA region, Sumitomo

Philippe Cattan

Director, FMC

Rob Dawson

Director, Nufarm

Benson Innocent Niankoury

Director, CropLife Côte d’Ivoire

Patrick Amuyunzu

Director, CropLife Kenya

Mohamed Chetouani

Director, CropLife Morocco

Rodney Bell

Director, CropLife South Africa

Tarek Al Azab

Director, CropLife Egypt

Maher Bbelaich

Director, Nufarm

Yann Miege

Vice President and Chair of WCA region, Bancella

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