AFYA II – Preoperational Meeting – Operation Against Illicit Goods and Pharmaceutical Crime, Harare, Zimbabwe, February 26 – 27

Under the umbrella of “Illict Goods and Global Health”, INTERPOL undertook AFYA II – Preoperational Meeting – Operation against illicit goods and pharmaceutical crime in Harare, Zimbabwe on February 26 – 27.

The trade in illicit products represents a major challenge for the international law enforcement community and a huge risk to global public health. The term “trafficking of illicit products” encompasses practices such as falsification, counterfeiting, piracy, adulteration of products, smuggling and tax evasion. The types of goods affected are many and include pesticides.

CropLife Africa Middle East was invited to deliver a presentation on the impact of counterfeit pesticides which was given by Evelyn Lusenaka and by all accounts was highly appreciated.

The workshop attracted approximately 45 delegates from mainly 10 Southern Africa countries. The AFYA II operation will kick-off shortly with a coordinated press conference in mid-June and the final report issued in October.

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