Earlier this month, CropLife International hosted its Festival of Stewardship centered on “unlocking the potential of sustainable agriculture.”

Evelyn Lusenaka, the Director of Stewardship at CropLife AME, was a guest speaker at this year’s Festival. In her panelist presentation, on the topic of ‘enhancing impact’, Evelyn shared insightful perspectives on CropLife AME’s strategy for impactful stewardship, emphasizing the focus on key value chains like coffee, sugar cane, rice, and horticulture. This targeted approach allows us to address specific stewardship issues unique to each value chain, enabling us to measure the impact of their interventions effectively. By working closely with farmers in these areas and implementing stewardship practices, we aim to enhance employment opportunities, increase farmers’ incomes, and improve market access.

Stewardship lies at the heart of CropLife AME’s mission. Through our intentional and structured stewardship efforts, we aspire to unleash the potential of sustainable agriculture in the AME region.

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