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CropLife Africa Middle East position on the EU Green Deal

CropLife Africa Middle East believes that the African Green Transition agenda needs to be uniquely tailored to, and supportive of, African needs.
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African green transition in agriculture

CropLife Africa Middle East supports an African Green Transition that is a vital pathway to not just agricultural development but also socio-economic development, African (and global) trade
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Op-Ed: Africa Middle East Must Act Now to Make Agri-Food Systems More Resilient

The world is marking the World Hunger Day on May 28 and the evidence is clearer than ever – maintaining on-farm productivity globally is critical to global food security.
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Sustainable technologies in agriculture will be key to EU Africa partnership

Agricultural inputs and technology can and should be a core part of delivering sustainable development in African agriculture
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Only Innovation Can Help Africa Align its Food, Climate and Environment Needs

For too long, Africa’s farmers have been pitted against its environmentalists. The common narrative seems to suggest that trade-offs are inevitable between feeding the continent’s growing population and protecting its land, water and biodiversity while taking climate action.

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