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This module contains more detailed information on CropLife Africa Middle East and CropLife national associations and is recommended for Executive members and staff of a CropLife national association

Section 1Membership
Lecture 11.1 Definition of Membership
Lecture 21.2 Individuals Versus Companies
Lecture 31.3 Categories of Membership
Section 2Organizational Structure
Lecture 42.1 Executive Council/Board
Lecture 52.2 Office Bearers
Lecture 62.2.1 President/Chairman
Lecture 72.2.2 Vice President/Vice Chairman
Lecture 82.2.3 Treasurer
Lecture 92.2.4 Secretary
Lecture 102.3 Council/Board Meetings
Lecture 112.4 Committees
Lecture 122.5 Staff
Lecture 132.6 Decision Making
Section 3Association Finances
Lecture 143.1 Registration Fees
Lecture 153.2 Annual Membership Fees
Lecture 163.3 Other Sources of Income
Lecture 173.3.1 Levy System on Imports
Lecture 183.3.2 Participation Fees
Lecture 193.3.3 Service Fees
Section 4Administrative and Legal Tasks
Lecture 204.1 Functions and Processes
Lecture 214.2 Management Processes
Lecture 224.3 Finance
Lecture 234.4 Legal Support
Lecture 244.5 Capacity Building and Regulatory
Lecture 254.6 Stewardship Implementation
Lecture 264.7 Project Management
Lecture 274.8 IPR and Counterfeit Products
Lecture 284.9 Communication Outreach and Social Media
Section 5Strategic Activities
Lecture 295.1 Strategic Activities
Lecture 305.1.1 Regulatory Matters
Lecture 315.1.2 Stewardship
Lecture 325.1.3 IPR and Anti-Counterfeiting
Lecture 335.1.4 National Association Management
Lecture 345.1.5 Communication and Image Building
Lecture 355.2 Project Management
Section 6CropLife Africa Middle East
Lecture 366.1 Support from CropLife AME
Lecture 376.2 Contact
Lecture 386.3 Terminology Used
Lecture 396.4 More Information
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