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This module contains basic information on CropLife Africa Middle East and CropLife national associations and is recommended for all members and staff of a CropLife national association.

Section 1CropLife Africa Middle East
Lecture 11.1 CropLife Africa Middle East
Lecture 21.2 Purpose
Lecture 31.3 CLAME values, mission, vision
Lecture 41.4 Activities
Lecture 51.5 Membership
Lecture 61.6 General Assembly
Lecture 71.7 Board of Directors
Lecture 81.8 Staff
Section 2CropLife AME National Associations
Lecture 92.1 CropLife AME National Associations
Lecture 102.2 Purpose of a CropLife national association
Lecture 112.3 The Constitution
Lecture 122.4 Code of Conduct for national associations
Lecture 132.5 Amending the Constitution
Lecture 142.6 Definition of Membership
Lecture 152.6.1 Full Members
Lecture 162.6.2 International and National Members
Lecture 172.6.3 Expulsion of Members
Lecture 182.7 Management of National CropLife Associations
Lecture 192.7.1 General Assembly
Lecture 202.7.2 Executive Council/Board
Lecture The role of the Executive Council/Board
Lecture Executive Members
Lecture Terms of Office
Lecture 242.7.3 Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer
Final Quiz