In June, our colleague Robert from CropLife Africa Middle East had the opportunity to visit CropLife Zambia in Lusaka. Together with Ernest Muzukutwa, CEO of CropLife Zambia, they visited the Empty Pesticide Container (EPC) aggregation site at Agri Wes Centre in Mkushi District, Zambia. This site serves as a collection point where commercial farmers in the area responsibly deposit their triple-rinsed and punctured EPCs for further processing. The containers are shredded into chips and then transported to a recycler located in the Lusaka district.

This initiative exemplifies effective empty container management. The plant science industry, both globally and in Africa Middle East, has implemented stewardship initiatives to responsibly handle the entire life cycle of products, including the management of empty containers. Through programs like the Empty Container Management Program, recycling of these containers is promoted, leading to reduced emissions and supporting the shift towards a circular economy. By extending the lifespan of resources within the economy, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

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