CropLife Cote d’Ivoire Meets with the Director of Plant Protection Directorate

A delegation from the Plant Protection Directorate (DPVCQ) met with the Executive Committee of CropLife Cote d’Ivoire (CI) on the 26th February to exchange on joint cooperation. The delegation of DPVCQ headed by the Director, Dr. Koffi Adjoumani, who took office earlier this year, comprised of two Deputy-Directors and the Officer in charge of Phytosanitary Agreements.

The delegation from CropLife Cote d’Ivoire comprised the President Guy Liabra, the Vice-President, the Executive Director and the Executive Secretary. The meeting took place at the offices of CropLife CI.

Guy Liabra, President of CropLife CI welcomed the delegation of DPVCQ, then provided a brief on the support by the CropLife CI to the DPVCQ and the joint activities initiated and carried out during the past two years. These activities cover the training of retailers and applicators seeking certification by the DPVCQ, the SSP program, the capacity enhancement on regulatory issues and the contribution to the GEF-WB obsolete pesticides project.

This project provided an opportunity to strengthen the fight against the illicit trade of pesticides. The DPVCQ and CropLife CI have the opportunity to engage on many awareness raising programs and training workshops for the enforcement agencies and other key stakeholders through the departmental committees to fight illegal pesticides across the country.

The Director of DPVCQ thanked CropLife CI for the excellent support provided over the years and committed to provide an enabling environment to strengthen such a long-lasting cooperation in line of the public-private partnership. In this regard DPVCQ and CropLife CI will organize frequent meetings in order to formally handle any issue the pesticides industry may face.

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