The locust outbreak situation, and limited availability of registered control products, shows the need for simplifying the emergency registration procedures for pesticides, so that access to pesticides that can control such outbreaks faster and thus limit crop damage is ensured. On a general basis, many countries’ regulatory agencies require the following information for emergency registration of pesticides:

  • Efficacy data from another country where climatic conditions would be similar to the country where registration is being proposed
  • Residue data for edible crops

Furthermore, the active substance may have to have been approved in the country for other uses. With sporadic pest incidents such as the locust outbreaks being encountered, it’s not always possible for crop protection companies to fulfill the emergency registration requirements especially if there is no policy guidance, for reasons mentioned above. Consequently, authorities need to consider establishment of emergency registration policies and or procedures to enable need registration approvals during such invasions to enable minimization of yield losses to the growers.


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