Association Management is one of the key pillars of CropLife AME. Our main goal in association management is: To ensure that the CropLife national associations are well managed and able to defend the interests of industry.

In the CLAME strategic plan 2021-2023, we have identified the following key priorities for association management:

Promote and uphold CropLife as the voice of the Plant Science Industry.
Capacity Building of the National Associations.
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

It is without any doubt that the best way to achieve strong national associations is to build their capacities in management and governance so that they are well run and can deliver on their mandate. This therefore informed the need to develop an e-learning module both for the board and staff of national associations across the AME region.

The challenges faced by many associations are not unique to individual associations, a lot of similarities have been identified across the countries.

The e-learning document seeks to guide the board and staff yet at the same time provide the opportunity to learn and create conversations around management, sustainability, internal processes and the need to create value to our members.

Dr. Samira Amellal

Directeur General

This e-learning module
addresses 4 issues

Governance issues faced by the board of management, how they can provide oversight of the association and yet be accountable to the general assembly

Management issues faced on the day to day running of the association by the staff led by the CEO, Executive Secretary or project manager.

Internal processes to ensure that the associations are run efficiently to effectively deliver on their mandate.
This includes review on accounting processes, human resources amongst others

A Q&A section to test understanding of the user of this module.

We also acknowledge that most national associations are governed by the laws and regulations of each country on societies and associations and would like to note that where the laws are in conflict with this module, the law of the respective countries take precedent. We encourage the national associations to familiarize themselves with their respective laws and regulations on associations and societies.

It is my hope that this module will provide a much-needed guideline to our network and will be a useful tool for capacity building for both the board and staff. We encourage the national associations to seek guidance from the CLAME team as much as possible on the module.

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