T he use of crop protection and biotechnology products is essential for maintaining and increasing agricultural productivity and improving farmer livelihoods on the African continent.

However, this must be achieved with minimum risk to human health and the environment. To achieve this CropLife Africa Middle East, along with its member companies and associations, actively develops and promotes stewardship programs across the region. Stewardship is a lifecycle approach to product management to ensure safe production, transportation, storage, handling and application and use of the product, as well as the proper disposal of waste. It maximises the benefits and minimises any risk from product use. The industry recognises that effective stewardship is crucial for doing business in Africa and that it is especially important in low-income countries where regulatory enforcement may be poor.

Crop Protection Whole Of Life Cycle Approach

The whole of life cycle approach to crop protection stewardship is the responsible and ethical way to manage crop protection products from their discovery and development to their use and the final disposal of any waste. The overall aim of the stewardship approach is to maximise the benefits and minimise any risk from using crop protection products.