Values & Beliefs

We Believe in Unity

  • We are united by a passion to improve agriculture through engagement and partnerships.
  • As a leading agricultural authority and educator, we help to unify and connect stakeholders of the plant science industry.
  • We act as a catalyst to make things happen and share best practices.

We are Partners in Sustainability

  • We are committed to promoting full and effective stewardship (the responsible and ethical management of a plant protection or biotechnology product throughout its life cycle) to the field level, and recognize that the appropriate management and use of our products is an important element underpinning sustainable agriculture.
  • We will strive to work together with others to achieve a proper balance between all dimensions/pillars of sustainable development.
  • We will strive to maintain a healthy, ethical and viable business environment for the plant science industry.

We Are Committed

  • We are committed to bringing the plant science
    industry together.
  • We are committed to sharing information about the benefits of our technologies with external stakeholders.
  • We are committed to sustainable agriculture and the responsible use of plant science technologies in the region.

We Believe in Openness

  • We are open to the need for a variety of sustainable agricultural practices.
  • We are open to having informed and intelligent discussions on the future of sustainable agriculture.
  • We are open to sharing our knowledge and resources through partnerships.

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