CropLife Egypt Container Management Team ( CM) continues in their preparation for a pilot project to manage empty pesticide containers. The CM team comprising of Dr. Sherif Ayoub, Mahmoud Said, Inji Zaki, Hamza Ghallab and Manal Saleh of Blue Moon, paid a visit on 4 March to the El-Mahrousa Plast factory at “10th of Ramadan industrial zone” and learned about types of plastic used in pesticide containers and methods of recycling for each type. The team followed-up with a meeting with the Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC) on 5 March and discussed the triple rinsing training/awareness to be included in all APC activities in addition to APC’s willingness to participate in the project through farm visits and collection schemes. The CM team and Blue Moon accompanied by an APC member continued with visits to mega farms on 10 March. This included a visit to Dina Farms to train their staff on triple rinsing and to discuss the possibility of collecting their empty containers after these had been triple rinsed.

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