n October 10th, our colleague Margaux, Director of Public Affairs & Communication CropLife AME had the privilege of participating in the ‘The Voice of Africa’ conference hosted by the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic in Morocco. The event aims to amplify the African perspective on the sidelines of The World Bank Group Annual Meetings and the International Monetary Fund currently underway in Marrakech this week.

The following points were highlighted:

  • The Africa Middle East region faces significant challenges in terms of food security.
  • Since the outbreak of Covid-19, hunger has increased by 19.7% in Africa.
  • There is a pressing need to feed a growing population with limited arable land while combatting the effects of climate change.
  • In comparison to other regions, agri-inputs in Africa are disproportionately low.
  • The health of the soil plays a crucial role in ensuring food security.
  • Reducing food loss and waste is a priority.
  • Collaboration among all stakeholders, including governments, farmers, and the private sector, is essential.
  • Science, technology, and innovation should be harnessed to address these challenges.
  • Sustainability in Africa should strongly emphasize addressing the food security challenge, explicitly focusing on the affordability and quality of food.
  • The integration of artificial intelligence in agriculture shows promise in resolving existing issues.