In November, ESA Regional Director was in Zambia to attend the launch of the Chongwe Aggregation Hub, which is the second Empty Pesticide Container (EPC) Aggregation Hub in that country. In attendance were District Commissioner Chongwe District Administration, representatives from government entities (Zambian Environmental Management Agency, District Agriculture Coordinator Office, and Chalimbaba Agricultural Training Institute), CL Zambia board members, CL Zambia member companies, recyclers, Farmer Cooperatives and farmers. Farmer Cooperatives will manage this aggregation hub under the supervision of the Chalimbana Training Institute and the District Agriculture Coordinator Office. With these partners, CL Zambia aims to reach all the Chongwe District’s horticulture farmers to ensure the triple-rinsed EPCs’ collection. The Chongwe Aggregation Hub is linked to recyclers for the qualifying EPC, and an incinerator for the unrecyclable material.